Artist Jenn Covey


Jenn is an artist who, although has been a creative spirit for most of her life, found her artistic voice following the birth of her second child when she resigned from her profession as a paralegal.  Thereafter, her days were spent in “mommyhood” and knee-deep in creative play.  Soon, she found the artistic spark to create meaningful works of art to embrace the love of family and to celebrate the soul of a woman.

Since that time, Jenn has explored different media of art, including acrylics, glasswork enamels, jewelry design, photography, among other passions like twinkle lights & home decor 🙂  Her work has been commissioned across the country and even ventured to Japan.  Many of her commissioned pieces include family trees & home portraits.

She has also volunteered her time when she created and managed a summer reading & art workshop, called Friends in the Park Book Club, which ran for five years with a group of 13 girls.  This group collectively explored various forms of art, including acrylics, oil pastels, poetry, illustration, plus many more.  Each summer closed with a community service effort to raise funds for local charities.  During the final year, the girls put together a collection of short stories and illustrations, which were published and sold with all proceeds benefiting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  This labor of love will forever be a cherished time in her life.

After being an active artisan member of The Canvas Art & Gift Shop, in Freeport, Pennsylvania, for approximately six years, Jenn was given the opportunity to step up to ownership & management of the shop.  The doors of The Canvas closed in August 2017, and will be reopening in September 2017, newly as The Canvas, Artfully Yours – Artisan Shoppe & Studio, alongside a number of extremely talented artisans that range from fine art paintings to pottery and jewelry to metalwork, and everything in between. This is an exciting new endeavor for this artist, as she continues to offer her longstanding workshops; Girls Night Out Workshops and Creative Kids & Artsy Tween &  Teen Workshops– – both to inspire creativity to bloom within the heart of each student (and only one to toast to that same creativity!).

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