Meet the Owner

Me and Mary

Hello!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Here is a little snippet of how I became a teaching artist and find myself emerced in color & texture – paint & papers galore within the walls of my dreams …. my studio.   Welcome, and I hope to share the table with you soon!

Art has a been a passion for most of my life … a creative soul at heart.  I began drawing in kindergarten with the beloved Snoppy as my first masterpiece.  Throughout my childhood, if I was not reading a book, I was doodling, sketching and painting.  Once grown up and graduated, I had wished to pursue an education from the Art Institute, but it was not supported at the time.  So, I chose my next interest … law.  I obtained my degree in Paralegal Studies, but fit in a class here and there to keep my creative mind happy.

After working in the legal field as a legal assistant/paralegal for approximately 10 years, I resigned when I had my son to be a stay-at-home mom.  I very much enjoyed my career in law, but wanted to be able to focus on my family without the juggling of long day commutes into the city.

It was after I resigned that I found my artistic self again and started a blog and an Etsy store, which began my studio business.  I created commissioned Home Portraits & Family Trees for customers all over the country.


At the same time, I created a summer reading & art group for girls that ran for 5 years.  Within this group, we covered six books, six art projects and one collective community project.  Our last summer, the girls wrote & illustrated short stories that we worked to publish and sell for Make-A-Wish Foundation.

It is through this effort that I met Marce Urbanski, who was owner of The Canvas in Freeport.  She hosted a book event for the girls, and she and I became fast friends.  She invited me to join the ranks of the local artists, and I offered to assist with the shop.  I introduced workshops at The Canvas 7 years ago, of which Marce was a light of encouragement.  Through the years, Marce’s pages turned and new chapters gave way to less time for art, and The Canvas became a Co-Op.  A couple years ago, she decided to leave The Canvas; wherein, I took helm, gave the studio a redo and changed the name to The Canvas, Artfully Yours.  The location now serves as a teaching studio, with our potters’ workshop below.  Pottery is available for purchase any time that the studio is open.

Me with kids

I cannot tell you how very blessed I feel for God placing me on this path.  Each person who walks in to create with me is an artist in their own right … whether they realize it or not!  My goal is to lift each heart that sits at my table with confidence in themselves and a renewed vision to seek the positive in life.

This is what art is to me.